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The Warrior

So you’ve discovered that the Archetypal blueprint running through your veins is The Warrior (also known as The Hero). Tough and courageous, you have an innate sense of right and wrong; you excel at whatever task is put before you and as such you have high standards for both your self and others. With the speed and agility of a cheetah, many struggle to keep up with you. You have an absolute intolerance for cowardice and demand any enemy face you head on. You lack empathy for those suffering ‘man flu’, however, in times of real crisis, you are deeply compassionate, dependable and reliable and always know what to do.

Sword-in-hand, you’ll fight for justice, equality and freedom of the oppressed and you’ll fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. You’ll ‘slay the dragon’ no matter what the cost because it’s the right thing to do! The many battle scars you carry are a testament to your strength and endurance. You’re driven to leave the world in a better place than how you found it. After all, it’s the atrocities you witnessed in your early years that have called you to arms.

But there comes a time when the warrior becomes weary; the battles are too many; the arm aches as the sword gets too heavy to carry and the weight of the armour causes fatigue. Always on-guard waiting for the next battle has taken its toll, as you’ve never been one to catch your breath in the trenches.

Dread sets in as you feel like you’re losing the war and you don’t know how much stamina is left. One thing you do know is that if nothing changes, collapse is imminent. The only thing that scares you more than death itself is failure.

An excellent strategist and tactician you know that the best way to defeat the enemy is to gather intelligence—know what they look like, sound like, smell like; know how they think; how they feel; know their strengths and weaknesses; know what artillery they have and above all, know who their enemies and allies are.

So you pour over the intelligence you have gathered for hours on end. These hours turn into days, weeks, months and even years. As you stand to review the battleground map, out of the corner of your eye something catches your attention. It’s your reflection in a mirror but there’s something a little peculiar about it, something not quite right.

As you look closer you notice a very slight shimmer all over you. Curiosity draws you closer. You notice a slight impression in your hair as if you’d been wearing a hat. Immediately you ruffle your hair to fix it. Your shoulders somehow seem broader than usual and your clothes have taken on a tinge of grey. As you step closer, there seems to be something in your hand and as the light reflects off its edge, you’re momentarily blinded.

Shaking your head, your eyes regain clarity and you look back at your reflection. With blood draining from your face, eyes widening and heart pounding you realise that you’re standing face-to-face with the enemy! Scared to death of your own reflection, you take refuge in the only thing you know—another battle!

Does this sound like you? It’s ok if it does, because this was also me. A warrior, deliriously fighting enemies where there were none!

Warrior energy is a very powerful energy and capable of greatness but unharnessed, it is one of the most self-destructive energies you’ll ever experience.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  — Charles Darwin

So how does one learn to harness the warrior? Well, it starts by standing in front of a mirror!

As you stand looking at your reflection, you need to feel the Truth—that the only person you’re at war with is you! Say it, mean it and truly feel it! This is the easy part. Step 2 on the other hand…..well, that’s the hard part.

For step 2, you’ll need to summon all the courage you could ever imagine because this step requires you to take off your armour! Yes, the armour that has kept you feeling safe and protected for all these years. It’s time to take it off, for how could you ever get to know the ‘enemy’ if they are perpetually shrouded in chainmail, helmets, shields and swords.

Before we begin, a word of caution….if you don’t want to poke your self in the eye whilst taking off your helmet, may I suggest we start with putting down the sword? Physically put the imaginary sword on the floor. Pick it up, put it down. Feel what’s going on inside your body as you repeat this exercise.

Once the sword is grounded, slide it a short distance away from you with your foot. Retrieve it, repeat the process. Again, feel what’s happening inside you as you do this. Eventually you’ll work your way up to throwing the sword off a cliff into the chasm, never to be retrieved.

Then it’s time to take off your helmet. You only need to do this once. Physically go through the motion. Pretend you’re untying it and then lift if off your head. Once your helmet is off, take off your breastplate. Notice what happens to the upper part of your body.

These steps may seem too simple or childish, but I can guarantee you that, if you’re a warrior, taking off your armour will be the toughest thing you’ll ever have to do. Why? Because within your psyche lies a little voice that will tell you how vulnerable you’ll be; the little voice that will create doubt in your mind as to whether or not you’re doing the right thing; that pesky little voice that just wants to stop you from being the awesome, authentic, beacon of Light that you are.

Depending on how much courage you have, this process of ‘retirement’ could take weeks, months or years. But once you’re there, you’ll be ready to find the beacon of Light within you and shine it back to the world.

I was recently asked the question “What does one do when one retires from being a warrior or a guard?” to which I answered “Leads others in Light.”

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