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The Spiritual Healing Experience – ‘Explore’

True self-empowerment is when the healing comes from within!  Process is key to your mental, physical and spiritual health and my role as a Spiritual Healer is to facilitate that process.  Every care is taken to ensure that you feel safe and supported as you journey.

During the spiritual healing session

Every client’s spiritual healing experience is unique so there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.  My hands are the instruments used to facilitate your healing and your Soul’s vibration will inform me how to approach the session.  I’ll either use shamanic healing techniques, Gendlin’s focusing technique, crystal energy, Angelic realms or any combination of it all.  At times, we may even receive information about your past lives in order to support the healing.

Regardless of the healing technique used, we’ll bring the energy of the issue into the present moment for transformation.  You will be heard as you voice what’s causing you grief.  Spirit then guides the rest of the healing session and the process usually takes an hour but sometimes a little longer.

Refer to the ‘Purchase’ page for costs of sessions.

After the spiritual healing session

In the days and weeks following your spiritual healing session, your energy will continue to transform its vibrational frequency. This can be a challenging time, not only for you, but also for those closest to you. As your mental and spiritual clutter clear, you’ll begin to see through the illusions you previously believed to be true which can be quite confronting. Those closest to you will be affected by your transformation and sometimes this can result in friction as they unconsciously resist something they don’t understand.  It’s important to be gentle with yourself and have appropriate support mechanisms around you during this time.

Healing Testimonials

“Theresa, Wow.  You really blew my socks off today.  I floated out of there in complete oneness…….I absolutely loved your process and how you managed to cut thru all the bullshit and get right to the crux of the matter.” – Amber Wilcox

“Thank you Theresa, you have such a beautiful and powerful way of getting to the source of any limitations, fears or issues that arise in me and my life! Your honest and intuitive insights have greatly contributed to my growth over the past 2 years! Thank you” – Lisa Wright

“Compassionate, down to earth, so very intuitive and says what needs saying. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!” – Michelle Roberson

“Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, especially with my last visit to you. You have a way of guiding me and making me see things differently that seems so simple……” – Yvonne Coates

“Very unique experience it will stay with me forever.” – Robbie Evans

“To you Theresa thank you for your guidance and Support you have given me through my time of growth……….. You have a unique Gift and I feel blessed to have had the pleasure in experiencing it first hand Xxx” – Kim Pasalich

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