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Finding Purpose

To start with something of a light topic for my first blog would be extremely out of character for me. So, to remain true to myself, I’m exploring the quintessential existential question of all time: What is my purpose? Finding purpose..

How many times have you asked yourself this question only to remain none the wiser today? With all the self-help books on the market you would be forgiven for thinking you can ‘Discover your purpose in three easy steps’, so to speak. A nice concept, but if it was truly that easy, we’d all know why we’re here, right?

Let’s explore your life with a completely new set of eyes. Let go of the intellectual storyline and open your mind to new possibilities. What if you have spent every day of your life unconsciously serving your purpose? What would that mean?

Well, within you lay the encyclopaedia on your life thus far and within the pages hide the clues to your purpose. So embrace your inner detective and let’s start exploring.

Begin with your passion. What are you absolutely passionate about? What is the one thing that you could wake up everyday and do without ever tiring of it; the one thing that when you start talking about it, your whole affect changes, your eyes sparkle, your face smiles, your energy comes alive and you become lost in the experience of sharing it with others?

Don’t know? That’s ok you’re not alone. Many people have either forgotten or don’t know what they’re passionate about and it seems to happen most frequently to parents who have sacrificed themselves for their children. When your children become independent and it’s no longer cool to be seen with you, what’s the one thing you would do for your Self, given this newfound luxury of time?

Let’s keep exploring. Your purpose may be wound up in a ‘big picture’ dream you’ve always had or in wanting to make a difference. What is that dream? Make a difference to what exactly? What do you believe isn’t working for you or others? How has your life experience equipped you with the knowledge and understanding of what needs to change?

When I’ve asked these questions of others desperate to make a difference, often the answer that came back was “I don’t know.” So, one more question for you — How do you expect to hit the bullseye if you don’t know where the target is?

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
— Marcel Proust

Let’s try exploring your finances. Your spending habits can hold vital clues to your purpose so it would pay (pardon the pun) to observe them a little. When you have spare cash, what do you spend it on? Or what would you spend it on if you didn’t have financial limitations? What is the one thing (or experience) you would buy that would bring you a sense of contentment, even if only for a short time?

Let’s flick the pages of the encyclopaedia back to your early childhood. What activity were you doing when you were most content? Were you playing sport, chatting with adults, petting animals, making mud pies, talking to nature, drawing, dancing, singing, tinkering with toys etc?

Can’t remember? No problem, it may have been a while ago and for some, there is no memory of happiness at all in childhood. Let’s keep exploring though. How about we use the wisdom of the tortoise and start at the index. If we made each significant life event a chapter in your book, what would the titles of each chapter be? Can you detect a theme running through the titles?

So is finding your purpose, or at least the clues to it, proving a little difficult? Well, maybe a sneak peek at the pages of my encyclopaedia might help you a little.

I grew up in a household with an alcoholic father and a mother struggling with depression. Having been a constant witness to domestic violence, the subject of early childhood sexual abuse and never settled in one location for any length of time, I often felt lonely, isolated and different.

Constantly accused of being a hypochondriac as a child and in adult life, being criticised for having too thin a skin, I couldn’t see my worth. What I could see though with absolute clarity was the bullshit people tried to feed me. Frustrated with their lies, I would call it how I saw it and as such was often ostracised.

Fascinated by human behaviour, I spent much of my time observing people. A ‘hungry’ philosopher at heart, every spare dollar was spent on new age self help books. So here’s what I now know.

My ‘hypochondria’ and ‘too-thin-a-skin’ was my clairsentience in action; my ability to see through people’s lies was my claircognisance in action; and my passion with philosophy? Well, that’s what I’m here for — to share my wisdom with you! Happy exploring. 🙂


  1. Enjoyed the read, Very Insightful! Was contemplating your post and I believe every day of our lives (perhaps subconsciously) forms part of our “purpose”. All our experiences form our personalities and play a role in our destiny. Thank you for making me consciously contemplate these topics.

    • Hello Deborah, Thank you for visiting the website and offering your insights on such an important topic. Keep exploring! Theresa

  2. Thank you T, you really are a clever Witch. I’m going to have to go away and digest your wise words and do some soul searching. I know there has to be more to me than an obsession with real estate and nut filled dark chocolate. 🙂
    Your website is fabulous! Congratulations!

    • Dear Kess, Thank you for your encouraging comments. You are exactly right. You are so much more than what you see or think you are. Keep searching that soul, you’ll find exactly what you need to! Theresa

  3. Reading your blog struck a cord with me.
    My childhood was far from bliss and I never felt confident in my own skin, every time I expressed my feelings or thoughts I was shut down or criticized for being to sensitive. Having been raped as a young girl and then being abused in relationships but never realizing abuse was happening as I was made to feel it was always my fault, that is the problem when you attract men that see you as a target, you attract the verbal, emotional and physical abusers.
    After many years it had broken me.
    For the last 7 years I have been on a quest, a quest to find who I am. It is a lonely journey but very rewarding in lots of different ways. After all even though I had people around me all my life, I was very alone anyway.
    I am looking forward to more of my journey and enjoying meeting like minded people and opening up to all my journey has to offer.

    • Dear Michelle, Firstly I’d like to honour you for the bravery you have shown in sharing your story in such an open space. I’m certain that it will help others open up also. As you so rightly point out, the self-discovery journey is very much a lonely one and oftentimes, isolating. Very few people actually have the courage and strength it takes to embark upon such a journey AND stick with it. Above all else though, you have demonstrated the one quality that is paramount when undertaking this work and that is FAITH — Faith in your journey! “A pupil shows by his own efforts how much he deserves to learn” and I have a feeling that you’re going to learn an awful lot! Welcome to Eagle Insights. Theresa

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