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Due to the outpouring of grief over Robin Williams’ suicide, there has been a heavy media focus on depression and it seems an important time for me to share my somewhat controversial perspective on what I believe to be the cause of depression!

Many experts in the mental health field claim that “the exact cause of depression isn’t known” but I beg to differ. What if depression isn’t a mental illness at all but in fact, a spiritual illness?

I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to suggest having expertise on ‘depression’, but my own personal experiences would surely have to challenge the way ‘experts’ think about treating it.

Several times in my life I have experienced the symptoms of depression, the first notable time being around 19 years of age. However, the most recent experience was not that long ago and it was the most terrifying time of my life!

The symptoms I experienced were; an inability to make simple decisions; unexplained lethargy — I just had zero energy; total confusion about who I was and where I was headed in life; uncontrollable crying; short term memory loss; terrifying nightmares; a feeling of desperation; hopelessness; helplessness; and I withdrew from family and friends.

If I was to present with these symptoms at a Doctor’s office, I wonder what the outcome would have been?

“If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll keep getting what we’ve always got.”
— Peter Francisco

The one thing that I am absolutely thankful for, are the years of intensive inner work I had done. Having developed a high emotional intelligence (EQ) saved me from a lifelong path of prescription medication and numbness. Even in my dreadful state, I had enough clarity to be able to say, “This feels like depression but I know I’m not depressed!”

Through various channels I found the support I needed and it came through a local shamanic healer in Manly, NSW. Through just one 90-minute healing session, he was able to detect a malevolent soul intrusion; it’s origin and its purpose. A skilled facilitator, he removed the intrusion and cleared up additional psychic debris.

In an instant, colour returned to my face, I felt calmer, lighter, and happier and after a couple of days of resting, my energy also returned. I was back in the ‘land of the living’ functioning as a typically healthy person.

So, with all these symptoms of depression, how is it that this ‘mental illness’ was healed in an instant without medication and without hospitalisation?

What stops the medical industry from having an open mind about experiences like mine? What prevents them from seeking the assistance of complementary therapists? Is the barrier an egoic or economic one?

Maybe it’s time to stop treating the symptoms of depression and start treating the cause!

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