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Chronic Pain, Illness and Disease: Part 2

HEART DISEASE (Chronic Pain, illness and disease)

In Part 1 of my Chronic Pain, Illness and Disease blog of September 2014, I posed the question of past lives holding a key to unlocking the cause of chronic pain. In this blog, I’m focussing on the present life; the ignorance of the medical profession and how I used an ECG machine to find my own answers.

Throughout my life, my blood tests always returned very healthy readings and my blood pressure was no different, except for the last few years where I noticed it creeping into the high range.

2014 was a big year for me and towards the end of it, I found myself facing significant stumbling blocks regarding some old emotional wounds. These wounds were expressing themselves in my physical body as heart disease symptoms, worrisome to say the least. Although a passionate advocate for ‘thoughts create illness’ I’m no fool. With a significant family history of heart disease, I wanted to explore the physical side of the argument so I went to my GP ………BUT…… I didn’t go to hand over my authority I went with a plan to obtain my own answers.

The GP ordered blood tests, wrote a referral to a heart specialist and organised an ECG for when I returned to collect the results. Blood count results were textbook perfect except for cholesterol – the first time ever it’s not been right in the middle range.

In metaphysical terms, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are markers for unresolved longstanding emotional issues, so no surprises there. In order to heal myself, I really needed to know WHICH issue was the culprit for my physical condition. So when I had the ECG I requested the nurse’s humour in allowing me to conduct my own experiment and with great curiosity, she obliged.

I asked the nurse to advise me immediately when, or if, the heart monitor changed. I ran through several thoughts and on the third one, bingo! In an instant, although I felt calm, my pulse jumped 23 beats per minute and just as quickly as it increased, as soon as I changed my thought, it decreased.

Unhooking from the machine after having collected my evidence, gentle tears began to flow as I realised my Truth – I was still seeking validation of my self-worth. After all the inner work I’d done for over 20 years, I thought I had resolved that issue but my body was showing me the Truth. Feeling a sense of surrender, I shared a cuddle with the nurse, a few tears and returned home to shed a few more. I knew that to heal myself, I needed to let go of the need for validation and accept that what I am and what I have to share is valuable, even if others can’t see it.

Know the world in yourself, never look for yourself in the world. — Egyptian Proverb

A week later I had an appointment with the cardiologist. I tried to share with him my philosophical position about the physical ailment but to be honest there was more response from the lifeless carpet on his office floor than there was from him. We went through the same rigmarole and organised CT scans and ultrasounds of my heart but one thing was already changing. Since my experiment, my blood pressure had dropped 10 points on both the systolic and diastolic readings and I smiled a triumphant smile because I knew exactly what was happening. I had begun to let go!

Another week later and it was time to get the scans done. In answering the attending doctor’s questions, call me persistent but I once again tried to share my philosophy. I never have been one to give up easily. When it came to the specialist, imagine the sound of crickets and glazed-over eyes, but the nurse was a different story. She found merit in my perspective and showed great interest in my experience.

Anyhow, I returned to the cardiologist for the results a week later. Lo and behold, just as I predicted weeks before, my report card said A+. A perfectly healthy, strong heart and arteries with a zero calcium score. I challenged the cardiologist to take my blood pressure and to his surprise the systolic and diastolic readings had dropped again. He looked at me and said, “Well, you got the good genes!”

Before I had any chance to formulate a considered and intelligent response, the words “Bullshit, I do the emotional work, that’s why my heart is healthy!” just flew out of my mouth. He mumbled something about objective data and seeing me again in ten years!

Don’t get me wrong. He’s an excellent cardiologist; young, dynamic, thorough but ignorant. Just imagine his potential if he opened his mind to all the possibilities and incorporated a mind/body approach to his science. I wonder what it would take for him to open up to that?

So how does it happen? How does someone’s blood pressure go from being high for a few years to completely normal and healthy in a period of just four weeks without medication, change in diet or exercise?

For me, it’s quite simple. Acknowledgement of the emotional truth underpinning the ailment is paramount to anyone’s healing. I can happily report that all symptoms have cleared and my blood pressure is again consistently 120/70, just as it always was!

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