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Chronic pain, illness and disease: Part 1

Chronic back pain

No doubt there is a multitude of reasons why a person suffers from chronic pain, illness and disease. Many scientists will move heaven and earth to discover a new ‘rogue gene’ to blame. Others will rightly attribute environmental factors as being part of the cause and there are some who attribute much of the cause to the quality of our thoughts and I don’t disagree.

There is one avenue however of equal importance, that many will not have considered. What if the cause of chronic pain, illness or disease stems from a past life?

For most of my adult life I suffered with chronic lower back pain. I used to attribute the cause of the pain to a decade of gymnastics. With all the tumbling, jarring of the back and endless injuries it was very easy to draw a ‘cause and effect’ link.

Then as a young adult, living in high heels never helped and by my early thirties, I had two beautiful children. Every parent understands the stress placed on their back with constantly lifting toddlers. By the time my youngest child was three my back pain became so crippling that each time I lifted my kids or wore heels, the next day was spent in intense pain or in bed recovering.

I tried many physical therapies like chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage and Bowen therapy to help fix the problem but the relief was only ever temporary. The ‘cure’ for my back pain came from the most unexpected place — a past life.

“We don’t need an answer to open up; we need openness.”  — Peter Ralston

In the following paragraphs, I share with you deeply personal information in the hope that you’ll be encouraged to open your mind just that little bit more.

In May 2007, my dream journal entry reads: “I dreamt that I had this huge blood blister in my mouth…….inside the blister was a statue of the crucifixion of Christ. Skin had grown from the cross/statue to my tonsil and roof of mouth. I was able to break away the majority of the growths except for one…….I tried to swallow a couple of times to empty the saliva build up and each time I nearly swallowed the cross and nearly choked.”

A couple of weeks later I engaged a New Zealand psychic for a reading. He stated that in one past life I spoke very harshly against and actively worked against Christ particularly at the time of his crucifixion. On hearing this tears just poured down my face.

In August 2007, I began participating in a regular women’s meditation circle. On one particular occasion through guided meditation, the images I accessed were profoundly overwhelming. The first image was the right hand of an eight-year-old child holding a machete; the second was the Star of Bethlehem. I sobbed uncontrollably because I just knew with ever ounce of my being that what I was seeing was my truth and I felt such guilt and shame.

I continued with the weekly meditation circle as I found group energy very powerful and important for my healing. I couldn’t escape the restlessness I was feeling about this past life but it took almost a year before it came to a crescendo. In another guided meditation, I deliberately stepped into the energy of this era in my Soul’s journey with the clear intention to learn and find peace.

From ‘witness’ consciousness I once again saw the eight-year-old child-soldier (me) and the words “she didn’t know” came out of my mouth. In my mind I questioned, “How could she know it was wrong, she was only eight years old?” Watching her, I felt a deeply compassionate energy envelope me and as I embraced the young girl and integrated her back into my heart, I let go of the judgement, the history and the pain body associated with it. It was a very powerful healing experience and one I’ll never forget.

So how does all this connect with my chronic back pain? Well, all the way home I could feel twinges in my lower back area coupled with a strange feeling of lightness, so much so that the next day, I called my facilitator. He couldn’t provide answers as to what was happening in my body but he did remark on the ‘massive bang’ he felt when I was releasing my past life trauma.

Intuitively I sensed what was happening in my back but of course, my logical brain needed proof. Not one to do anything by half measure, I set off into the garden to obtain that proof. I just hoped that after spending an hour throwing my whole body into digging out a hibiscus tree stump, I wouldn’t need a wheelchair the next day! With no chronic pain in sight (and there hasn’t been ever since) I awoke to a free moving body with continued lightness in my back.

In ‘Part 2’ I will share different experiences related to health but for now, if you have a chronic pain issue, you may just want to open your mind to new possibilities! What have you got to lose?

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