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Chronic Pain, Illness and Disease: Part 2

HEART DISEASE (Chronic Pain, illness and disease)

In Part 1 of my Chronic Pain, Illness and Disease blog of September 2014, I posed the question of past lives holding a key to unlocking the cause of chronic pain. In this blog, I’m focussing on the present life; the ignorance of the medical profession and how I used an ECG machine to find my own answers.

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The Warrior

So you’ve discovered that the Archetypal blueprint running through your veins is The Warrior (also known as The Hero). Tough and courageous, you have an innate sense of right and wrong; you excel at whatever task is put before you and as such you have high standards for both your self and others. With the speed and agility of a cheetah, many struggle to keep up with you. You have an absolute intolerance for cowardice and demand any enemy face you head on. You lack empathy for those suffering ‘man flu’, however, in times of real crisis, you are deeply compassionate, dependable and reliable and always know what to do.

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Chronic pain, illness and disease: Part 1

Chronic back pain

No doubt there is a multitude of reasons why a person suffers from chronic pain, illness and disease. Many scientists will move heaven and earth to discover a new ‘rogue gene’ to blame. Others will rightly attribute environmental factors as being part of the cause and there are some who attribute much of the cause to the quality of our thoughts and I don’t disagree.

There is one avenue however of equal importance, that many will not have considered. What if the cause of chronic pain, illness or disease stems from a past life?

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Due to the outpouring of grief over Robin Williams’ suicide, there has been a heavy media focus on depression and it seems an important time for me to share my somewhat controversial perspective on what I believe to be the cause of depression!

Many experts in the mental health field claim that “the exact cause of depression isn’t known” but I beg to differ. What if depression isn’t a mental illness at all but in fact, a spiritual illness?

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Finding Purpose

To start with something of a light topic for my first blog would be extremely out of character for me. So, to remain true to myself, I’m exploring the quintessential existential question of all time: What is my purpose? Finding purpose..

How many times have you asked yourself this question only to remain none the wiser today? With all the self-help books on the market you would be forgiven for thinking you can ‘Discover your purpose in three easy steps’, so to speak. A nice concept, but if it was truly that easy, we’d all know why we’re here, right?

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