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About Your Facilitator

Theresa HanichTheresa is a Spiritual Healer and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Mentor. She has spent over a decade implementing her EQ knowledge in the road safety industry, skilfully facilitating the development of EQ for both groups and individuals through various behavioural change programs. Theresa left the road safety industry to focus her expertise on helping others in a more personal and sensitive context. With over 20 years of authentic, extensive experience exploring, developing and applying her own EQ, Theresa has proficiency in ‘walking-the-walk’ that many find hard to match.

With psychic gifts of clairsentience and claircognisance, coaching qualifications, training in various healing arts and a natural love of people, Theresa works intuitively and collaboratively to achieve the transformation you are seeking. A no nonsense, down-to-earth practitioner, she is well known for her authenticity, genuine compassion and penetrating insights.

A more personal story from my heart to yours

Never one to fit into conventional boxes, I always knew I was different but I had no understanding of what that meant until much later in life. My experience of sexual abuse and witnessing domestic violence from a young age taught me a great deal about disempowerment. It ignited a fire in my belly fit for a warrior, that saw me challenge everything that represented injustice, oppression or control of another.

Through my psychic senses I have insight into people’s Truth and can see the inner conflict behind the persona. At the age of 24, I embarked on a conscious journey seeking to understand my own Truth and find my place in the world. What I learned is that no-one can ever truly have power over you. My journey took me into the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind, exploring my fears, my conditioning and my past lives. It transformed me into the woman I am today; a woman of fearless courage, strength and compassion.

My passion to help others, and fascination in what it means to be human, has become a life-long study—both formal and informal; scientific and spiritual.  With greater maturity, spiritual wisdom and sensitivity to people’s journeys I help others find their Truth so they can create a life of authenticity, inner peace and personal freedom.

It’s no coincidence that you’re here.  There’s a reason why you’ve found me!





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